Flexible Element Solutions
Wire X-ray
PTC Resistance vs Temperature Positive Temperature Coefficient wire. As the temperature of the element wire increases the resistance increases.

NTC Resistance vs Temperature Negative Temperature Coefficient separation layer. As the temperature of the layer increases, the resistance decreases.

The controller can monitor these changes in resistance and actively set and maintain the appliance temperature.
Evolution of Thermocable Technology
1972Single Wound Heating Wires
1982Dual Wound Heating with Fusible Layer for "Overheat Protection"
1990Negative Temperature Coefficient "Heat Sensing" for Temperature Monitoring and resettable hot spot detection
1992Positive Temperature Coefficient for accurate overall Temperature Monitoring
1996NTC and PTC - twin temperature monitoring in one wire
2002"Total Control Technology" - the first heating wire to have five levels of safety
2003Low EMF solution. Electro-Magnetic Radiation reduced to 50 nanoteslas
2004Patent protection applied for a low EMF wire solution
2005Patent protection applied for a control solution for low EMF wire and other Thermocable products
TodayThermocable continues to work closely and co-operate with many of the world's Leading Manufacturers of Electric Blankets and Heating Pads to improve the Safety, Reliability and Functionality of Flexible Heating Products